Taking a bathe or a shower is an essential part of living and routine to most of the people. We are becoming more careful that we don’t smell bad or unpleasant to others. But sometimes it is not good when you figure out that your shower’s drainage is not working well anymore. The water is not going down there to the pipe and your bathroom becomes a swimming pool due to the water that is not draining so fast. There could be one very simple way to remove the water or the get everything be done in order. You can call a plumber in Arlington VA. In this way, you don’t need to worry about pushing too much effort just to fix and solve the problem of your shower’s drainage. That is the best thing that you could think and do when you don’t have enough knowledge about it. But, you may try these things on your own to save your money from paying too much to the plumber. 


  • Have you ever heard about plunger? Yes, we commonly use it for our toilet whenever that is not flushing the water correctly and properly. But, we can use this one to unclog the part of your shower are that is not draining the water anymore. Be sure to remove the cover of it first, then place your plunger exactly and properly to the mouth or the hole of the drainage. Then you may start pumping the plunger. You can do it for multiple times until the everything is done. You can buy two plungers for your home. One is for your toilet use only and the other one is for your bathroom’s drainage.  
  • If you have time to explore more things in the super market or in the hardware. Then, you can try to choose and read the label of the different liquid type of cleaner for the drainage.  Look at the comments and testimonials of those people who finished using it. It is a good way and a wise decision to do this for you not to buy those expensive cleaners and they are not working fine when you use it. You may ask the advice of the sales clerk or sales person about it. You may want to read about the content of the cleaner. Especially, if that one has a strong solution content or not.  
  • If you are afraid of using harsh chemicals in your bathroom because of your kids. You may want to try to run boiling water to your drains. In this way, it will try to loosen up the clogs down there because of the hot temperature. But of course, this may be an effective way depending to the type of clog problem you have.  

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